Benefits of Using CHWAM!

Below we have listed some of the benefits of using Commercial Hot Water and Maintenance for servicing and maintenance of your hot water plants.

Most importantly, undertaking programmed preventative maintenance on hot water plants encourages optimal performance and minimises plant breakdown costs.

We also undertake audits and health checks of commercial hot water systems to ensure they are compliant and operating to their best capabilities.  


  1. We will look at the entire system, including:
    1. Heat source
    2. Storage tanks
    3. Flow & return temperatures
    4. Primary pumps
    5. Building pumps
    6. Valve assemblies
    7. Thermal insulation
    8. Plant efficiency meters (water & gas)
    9. Hot water support frames
    10. Solar pipework and collectors 
  1. In addition to servicing the heat source, we will be looking for:
    1. Correct pump operation
    2. Leaking storage tanks or valves
    3. Building recirculation pumps operating correctly
    4. Excessive heat loss between flow & return temperatures
    5. Thermal insulation intact, avoiding wasted gas consumption
    6. Ensuring plant efficiency meters are operating
    7. Looking for signs of corrosion to the plant, frames etc
    8. Ensuring that solar collectors, where fitted, are secure
    9. Ensuring no flammable items or chemicals are stored near plant
    10. Additional site works where the potential exists for new unmetered connections to plant
  1. Upon completion of each plant service, plant condition reports, including any recommendations and photographs as required, will be emailed to you for review.
  1. Our expertise is commercial hot water!